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Intro/Bio Gabriel Aubry

Origins of Gabriel Aubry
General Information:


Mun name/nick/handle: Jade Tempest
Mun journal: http://bq_gabriel.livejournal.com/
E-mail: tempestiel@yahoo.com
When you can be reached and preferred method: email


Pup’s name: Gabriel Aubry
Character/Actor: Male Model for Versace, Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss
Source: models.com/models/Gabriel-Aubry
Birthdate (if known): August 30, 1168
Physical info: Height 6ft 2 in/ Weight 180lbs./ Hair Blonde/ Eyes Green
Pup’s location: New Orleans
Pup’s orientation: Bi-Sexual
Pup’s hobbies: History specializing in Medieval times and the Crusades
Game connections: Available
What type of play are you willing or NOT willing to do: No animal or children cruelty but will discuss other play.


Brief Bio:
Gabriel is the new professor of Medieval Studies at the University of New Orleans (uno). He is a charismatic teacher whose classes are always packed despite the fact that they’re only held at night. He is a well-respected researcher with connections across the globe in academia.
The humans around him have no idea he is a vampire made in the 1200’s during the Fourth Crusades. His regiment had the unfortunate honor of sacking the home of the head librarian of the Library of Constantinople, Niketas Choniates. The men were provided with food, loot, and entertainment during the day on the condition that they leave the librarian’s family be who were hiding in the cellars.
Greedy, the Crusaders went down to the cellars to see what was hidden from them and upon seeing the beautiful women and their children decided to take their pleasure with them. Gabriel protested such unchivalrous behavior vehemently. His fellow Crusaders stabbed him in the gut and left him to die.

When Niketas returned to find the crusaders had raped and pillaged his home, he took a terrible revenge. Finding Gabriel dying before the stairs leading to the cellars, Niketas realized Gabriel was a man of unusual intelligence and integrity and decided to save him. After giving Gabriel a few drops of blood to stave off his death, Niketas captured the Crusaders and locked them into the cellars. Gabriel was made that night and set upon the house’s defilers upon the next knowing it would take a decade for Gabriel to learn to control his baser instincts and needs. Gabriel’s hunger drove him to use and kill his captive comrades over the next fortnight or so. Other Crusaders remaining in Constantinople after the siege were terrified by the screams issuing from the house and stayed away from it in fear.

Gabriel, who had been a very devout man when he sat out upon the Pope’s mission, does not think himself a monster for what he did or becoming a vampire. The true monsters were the Crusaders for he’d witnessed many atrocities from his comrades and feel that they were the ones who broke the covenants between God and man. He was so disgusted by the knight’s behavior that their cross actually repels him.

Niketas kept Gabriel with him for the next hundred years, training the former knight in the ways and secrets of the library. Gabriel eventually became a Guardian and carries at least one artifact of power in his keeping as part of his duties. He also constantly seeks out those with the mental capacity to become a librarian which is part of his duties.

While Niketas has given Gabriel much, his blood comes with a great disadvantage. Gabriel’s appetites are exaggerated more so than most undead and would easily control him if it weren’t for his iron will and training.



Place of origin: Born in France turned in Constantinople
When turned: On the second day of the fall of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade – April 13, 1204
Age when turned: 36
Maker (if known): Demetrius of Phalerum c 325 BC- Known as Niketas Choniates the keeper of the Library of Constantinople at the time Gabriel was made which is the name currently in use today.
Allies and Affiliations: Gabriel belongs to an extensive organization whose mission is preserve man’s knowledge, history and artifacts. They have a secondary mission to protect man from harmful knowledge and artifacts. This organization has had many names throughout time but tends to survive in one form or another. He can go to them when he needs help. They provide resources such as money and information very discreetly. They rarely act openly, preferring to remain in the shadows.
Gabriel answers to his sire, who sponsored him into the organization. In addition to his sire, Gabriel reports to the elder Librarian in his current region.

Vamp_A Bed2

Vamp powers/abilities:

• Seems very lifelike including eating food
• Superhuman strength, speed and healing
• Strong Will (nearly impossible to compulse) and quick-witted, highly intelligent with eidetic memory
• Trained knight- excellent at combat with sword. Also, competent in Savate, Ninjituse, guns, and explosives.
• Once every moon cycle, Gabriel can walk in sunlight but is left weak, nearly sub human strength, speed and stamina that following night.
• Wears a signet ring able to detect those with the mental capacity to become librarians. This ring also identifies him as a Librarian and gives him access to the Librarians’ resources including a subspace pocket denoting him as a Guardian of the organization.
• Able to create illusions and compulsions in the weak-willed
• Telepathic and has the usually enhanced senses of vampires
• Some find his bite/ saliva has aphrodisiacal and/or pleasure inducing qualities.
• Wealthy but also has access to resources from the Librarians if needed, including forged paperwork and government contacts.
• Usually has at least one or two artifacts such as a bag, gloves or box which will neutralize artifacts with power.

Vamp_ A Towel2

• Repelled by Jerusalem Cross
• Must continuously fight weakness for indulgences comes from sire’s bloodline
• Sunlight, especially direct sunlight, harms him and continued exposure will kill him.
• As a librarian, Gabriel is under the constant threat of unscrupulous beings with knowledge of the society attacking him for what he knows or has.


About the Librarians

The organization has gone through many fronts and name changes over time, however, the members in the know simply call themselves Librarians collectively. They are an extremely secretive bunch, most are unaware of their existence. The organization is extensive and extremely old, and was behind the founding of the Libraries of Egypt and the University of Timbuktu. Sharing and archiving knowledge is there goal, so they have eyes and ears at nearly every major university.

Every Librarian wears the signet in some form of jewelry ever present on their body. This jewelry identifies them and gives them access to the Librarian’s resources and secret areas. It can also connect them telepathically in a pseudo-information network similar to the net.

A Librarian’s duty is preserve knowledge and history even that which is dangerous to man. When it is deemed necessary, information and artifacts are sealed away in impregnable vaults with supernatural and technology safeguards the likes of which are unimaginably complicated.

Many secrets, artifacts, and weapons have been logged into such secret repositories and only a few members have full access to these stores.

As part of their duties, Librarians are to seek out other beings with the unique mental capacities that would allow them to be a Librarian. To be an actual Librarian, one has to be able to store great amounts of information in their head and retrieve it upon command. When someone is found with the right capacities, he or she is approached and if willing turned into a vampire. These beings are used as back-ups to paper copies of the original materials because libraries were burned often and it was the only way to make sure that things weren't lost.

There is a rigid hierarchy amongst Librarians which is governed by a series of mental and psychological tests. One must have the mental prowess and fortitude to access and use what is learned. Librarians may petitions artifacts and information from the repository as needed. If it is found worthy by the head Librarians then the request is fulfilled.
Those Librarians with minor abilities to access the Librarian networks but have above par fighting abilities are known as Guardians. They are given dangerous tasks such as capturing especially hazardous artifacts or guarding a being or artifact against harrowing odds. They may even keep one such artifact upon their person and it is his or her duty to guard that artifact. To complete their missions, they are equipped with several tools:
• A sub-space pocket which is tied to the signet jewelry. It has the approximate capacity of a foot locker in which equipment and other non-living things can be stored. The equipment can be retrieved upon command.
• A warded box designed to deactivate and shield powerful objects from the world and smaller less powerful bags, bands and/or gloves with similar properties.
• Up to date information about their mission and any weapons or tools needed to complete the mission.


safeguard the following:

Secrets- such as rare books, scientific discoveries, treatise etc., Also, occult information and lore about supernaturals that have been long forgotten by most.

Artifacts - would be lore books, powerful objects, significant historical items (e.g. intact copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls)

Weapons-While for sure the organization has collected weapons over the years, such things are strictly monitored and packed away in highly secure vaults. They would only come out in times of great needs or to fulfill some prophecy.

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