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Mun’s Note:
Takes place immediately after Gabriel's Audience with The Prince~ Gabriel/ Marton (Backdated August 2012)

It was a large house, many rooms jutting off the long, dark hallway, and Marton knew his way even with eyes closed. But he stopped at the base of the stairs and looked at the other man. “I have several rooms upstairs - all vampire safe, of course, and one or two on this level that would suit our purpose... do you have a preference?”

“Surprise me,” Gabriel answered with an intrigued look. He hated political games, but the bedroom kinds were fun.

“Upstairs it is then... I think the gold room.” Taking the first two steps, Marton looked over his shoulder. “Do you need anything of the servants before we begin our... negotiations?”

Gabriel shook his head. “No, your hospitality has been quite gracious. I am fine.”

“Then follow me.” There was no question in the words; it was assumed that Gabriel would follow. “Tell me what you like... I may be in a mood to indulge.”

Gabriel touched the tip of his tongue to his fang, already aroused. His tastes were varied and flexible. Gabriel wondered what Marton liked but decided to play to the prince’s vanity. “And if I said I was in the mood to be submissive?”

Spinning quickly, Marton grabbed the other man and pinned him to the wall, his large body pressing in close. “Then I’d say tonight is your lucky night.”

Gabriel relaxed in the other vampire’s hold. He could’ve fought, but this was merely a game. “Then maybe that should be my safe word?”

“Repeat it.” Marton leaned closer, his face inches from the soft, pulsing point on the side of Gabriel’s neck. Flicking his tongue out, the prince tasted the other man’s flesh. “Let me hear it, hear what you sound like.”

A little breathless, Gabriel whispered, “It’s my lucky night.” His fangs had extended, giving him a very slight lisp.

Curling his fingers into the other’s shirt front, Marton pulled, feeling the material give a little. “What are your limits?”

“Limits?” Gabriel thought about that for a few seconds. His sire had taken him down the entire road and so he knew just about all the ins and outs. It was just a matter of how far he was willing to go tonight. “I’m fine all the way up to a little bloodletting. Nothing scarring, and I’m not into extreme pain or body waste.”

Wrinkling his nose, being the fastidious creature he was, Marton responded, “I’m not into the use of bodily waste.” Leaning into Gabriel’s neck, he licked at the pulse point, teeth lightly scraping the skin. “Blood, however, is not waste.” The smile he gave was predatory at the least. “Strip right here, on the stairs, and get to your hands and knees.”

Gabriel inwardly raised an eyebrow. Oh yeah, the prince was going to put him through his paces tonight. He stripped in silence, slowly, methodically removing each article of clothing before folding the item neatly and setting it aside. He gave Marton plenty of time to look at his body before gracefully getting to his knees.

Extending his had, Marton ran the tips of his fingers over the exposed flesh, skimming lightly, gently over curve and plane. “Very pretty. Now climb the stairs; slowly.” Moving his hand over the bend of hip, he cupped the rounded mound of Gabriel’s ass. “Make a show of it for me.”

Head down, Gabriel did as he was told. He crawled up the stairs with a slow pace that accentuated his muscles as they moved and flexed under his golden skin. Marton wanted a show and he Gabriel gave him one.

Following, Marton reached the landing and spoke. “Stop.” Not waiting to see if the other complied, he leaned down and grabbed the man’s hips. “I like the feel of your flesh. Turn right and go to the third door.”

Gabriel did as he was told. Marton’s commanding presence was a turn on, and no one had dominated him like this in quite some time. His cock was hard by the time he’d crawled to the third door and waited for Marton’s next instructions.

Walking by, he gave a light slap as he turned the knob and entered the room. “Come in, climb up onto the bed, and stay in the kneeling position.”

Gabriel followed the prince’s orders, turning his head slightly to watch Marton through a veil of lashes. He was curious about how the prince was enjoying the game.

Centuries of learning control over his features saw Marton standing there, arms crossed over his chest. “You did that well, boy... spread your legs just a bit, I’d like to see your balls hang.” Catching the look, he gave a small smile, tips of fangs peeping out.

Shuddering, Gabriel widened his legs. His cock, heavy with need, hung low along with his balls, presenting Prince Marton with quite a picture. Gabriel awaited the prince’s pleasure but knew by the flex and twitch of muscles that he was full of excitement and anxiety from being in the hands of a new playmate. He had no idea what Marton would do to him, and it added so much to the anticipation.

The prince moved closer and ran his hand over the taut muscle, lightly skimming fingers through the dusting of hair. “Do you know what I see?” Not waiting for a reply, the vampire continued, “I see a man, one of power and strength, kneeling before me, giving me honor by doing so.” Stepping back, Marton began to remove his clothing as he continued talking. “You are a beautiful sight in your submission, knowing it doesn’t make you weak or feeble.” There was a soft rustling of material as the silk shirt of midnight drifted to the carpet.

Gabriel closed his eyes as he listened to the prince undress, imagining his beauty being unveiled. The prince’s words washed over him, adding to his desire, and Gabriel spread his legs even more in subconscious invitation.

Sticking his finger in his mouth once he was naked, Marton lightly traced it over the pucker. “When is the last time you fucked?”

Gabriel looked over his shoulder at Marton. “I have my thrall nearly every night, and several other partners, but I haven’t been taken in quite some time.” Gabriel paused to think before answering. “Several months, maybe a year. My sire has been too busy to see to my needs.”

“Pity... not very attentive of him, is it?” Slipping his finger inside just the smallest bit, Marton turned his finger. “I promise, I will not see your needs unfulfilled.”

Gabriel breathed a soft moan at the feel of Marton’s finger invading him. He wanted this. It had been a long time, and the prince was very good at this game.

Pushing deeper, Marton watched his finger slip inside the snug hole. “Tell me something, young one, what do you like... details aren’t necessary, just... what you like.” No one could say Marton wasn’t a considerate and generous lover. Leaning close, he scraped the soft flesh of Gabriel’s cheek.

Gabriel had to swallow twice before answering. When he finally managed to speak, his voice was husky and unsteady. “I like to be taken. I like to be dominated. I like to know that I’m being topped.”

“Do you like it rough?” So asking, Marton shoved his finger in, careful his nail didn't scrape the sensitive walls. “Or tender?” Slowly drawing his finger out, he curled it, stroking over the small nodule.

Gabriel wanted to curse; he was on edge with Marton’s questioning. The prince liked to delve and knew how to motivate him into giving up an answer. Gabriel hated admitting what he was going to say, but it slipped out anyway. “Rough,” he hissed. He liked it rough and rarely got it that way. It had to be the Catholic in him who’d been taught that pleasure had to be paid for, and usually the coin was pain.

Shoving two fingers in without any more preparation than the one finger had given, Marton nodded even though the other probably couldn’t see it. “Rough it is.” Sliding the digits in and out, he added a twist before removing them completely. “On your back.”

Gabriel went on his back, a tingle of fear shivered through him as he wondered what his admission had gotten him into. Marton was an unknown and with a vampire’s strength, rough could be very painful. Yet, he wouldn’t take the words back if he could. Gabriel was in the mood to be conquered, and Marton seemed willing to oblige.

Crawling onto the bed, he stopped with his knees on each side of the other’s head, “Do you suck?” Reaching down, Marton grabbed his cock and dragged the head across Gabriel’s lips.

In response, Gabriel wetted his lips, lapping at Marton’s cock with his tongue before opening his mouth. His own cock was hard and it was an effort to keep his fangs retracted now.

Once he slid past those sweetly parted lips, Marton released his cock and reached out to stroke over Gabriel’s head. “Then suck me.”

Gabriel slid his tongue along the underside of the heavy flesh as he lifted his head to work the cock. His mouth ovalled around the thick girth as he gave the prince what he’d asked for, sucking his cock with hungry pulls.

Arching back, Marton reached for Gabriel’s hard flesh and closed his fist around it. “I’ve had many lovers and found that all respond differently to a hand caressing their flesh - how do you respond? Do you like a tight squeeze,” Tightening his hold, the vampire prince added a twist, then softened the hold. “Or do you like softer, more teasing?” He knew what he was doing, drawing the other out, trying to bring him to the moment to live within it.

Gabriel moaned around the cock in his mouth as Marton played with him. He couldn’t speak but he arched and writhed, especially when the prince used a harder grip. The edge of pleasure-pain really got to him.

Reading the signal, Marton gave a grin and tightened his hand again. Twisting the flesh firmly, he scraped his thumb over the slitted head. He knew he’d have to stop soon; the man beneath him was very talented and up until that moment, he’d been able to - for the most part - ignore the sweet feeling of a warm mouth and tongue on his cock.
Gabriel put his mind on hiatus and just felt. Marton’s cock virtually sliding down his throat, Marton’s hand jacking him off. Gabriel was drowning in sensation, and his body went ricocheting out of control before he knew it. He was about to come and tried to pull away from Marton to warn him.

He felt it, the engorged flesh in his hand reacting, and mixed with the working throat, Marton knew his partner was on the brink. “Stop... enough.” He released Gabriel’s cock, his hand sliding off the tip. “How do you want it - on your back or hands and knees?”
Gabriel allowed his mouth to slide off Marton’s cock. Using the time to think, he swallowed a few times. It was almost more disconcerting being given choices in his debasement then if Marton were to order him about. Gabriel was forced to be complicit in it, and later he could not making any excuses.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Gabriel thought and looked Marton in the eyes as he said, “On my knees.”

“Good, better angle that way.” Climbing off Gabriel, Marton cocked his head to the side, “Roll over, wide spread, and show me your ass.”

Gabriel rolled onto all fours. Spreading his knees until they were nearly twice the width of his shoulders, he dipped his head and arched his back to give Marton the best view.

Placing one hand on each cheek, Marton spread them, exposing the sweet darkness between. He stared at it, the small opening to pleasure. It tempted him, and the vampire prince wondered at Gabriel’s flavor; leaning forward, he gave a small lick, finding it tangy and dark and sweet.

Gabriel jumped at the very unexpected intimate caress. The ribbon of pleasure had caught him off guard and primed his body. Subconsciously, Gabriel’s back dipped and his knees widened further, asking for more.

The look was that of a predator, hot and intent and zeroing in on his prey. Repeating the lick, he wiggled his tongue a bit, pushing at the opening. “Liked that, did you?”

This time Gabriel moaned at the caress. His voice was a barely audible whisper as he breathed “Yes” and fought to keep his body still.

Using his thumbs, Marton pulled at the opening, watching as the pucker parted. It was easy this time to push his tongue in, to wiggle it and roll inside the snug warmth.

For Gabriel the pleasure ran through him like a wildfire. There was no way he could stop the shiver as Marton’s tongue took him. He’d been ready for pain, expecting it, and the pleasure undid him in a way thousands of lashings could not.

Turning his head, Marton sucked on his thumb, wetting it before pressing it into the wet opening. Pulling out, he pushed back in, fucking the vampire with his finger. Once he felt the pucker relax, the vampire prince added the other thumb; using both, he pulled gently, spreading the flesh before shoving his tongue further in.

Gabriel could not remain still any longer. Of its own volition his body rocked backward onto Marton’s stretching fingers and his plundering tongue. Gabriel’s fangs were fully extended and his eyes glowed with carnal hunger.

Lifting his mouth, he gave a look that could only be considered possessive. “You are very responsive - I think I shall reward that.” Removing his hands, Marton knelt on the bed behind the other man, grabbed his cock, and brushed it over the glistening hole.,

Oui, veuillez baise-moi.” //Yes, please fuck me.// Gabriel’s guttural plea slipped out in French, the language of his birth and his main language up until a few weeks ago. He knew he needed to get used to speaking in English, but right at that point he didn’t care about blending in or covers. All he wanted was for Marton to ram that thick cock home and ride him until he was too sore to take anymore.

Nestling the rounded head against the opening, he nudged his hips forward then retreated. Pausing, Marton listened, the words, the breath behind them. “You wish for this?” He was teasing, poking at the other’s body.

Gabriel felt like a gibbering idiot when Marton’s cock teased his opening. He pushed back without thought, wanting more, and it took a second or two to understand Marton’s question. “Oui - yes,” Gabriel rasped, near to begging for it.

“So prettily said... how could I refuse?” Without warning, Marton pushed forward, hands going to Gabriel’s hips as he shoved forward.

Gabriel gasped at the burning pain of suddenly being claimed. Before he could really process it, pleasure spread through him, eliciting another gasp from his lips. “Oui, yes! Hurt me,” Gabriel said in a guttural groan.

He pulled out only to slam back in with enough force that the bed creaked with it. Pistioning his hips, Marton fucked the other, flesh slapping against flesh, the sound bouncing off the walls. “Tell me, young one, how does this feel, what do you like.”

Oh Merde! Don’t stop!” Gabriel cried out as Marton took him with hard punishing thrusts. Gabriel wiggled his hips, increasing the friction. His cock bounced heavily against his belly and his balls tightened as pleasure raged through him with each burning lunge.

HIs hold turned punishing, fingers digging deep into the flesh, bruising it as he continued to pound inside the being beneath him. So fast and hard was the pace that his own flesh heated each time they connected. “You are... so beautifully tight...” Grunting, Marton swiveled his hips, changing angles with each thrust.

Gabriel hands twisted into the sheet as Marton fucked into him. He was bouncing back and forth and wiggling his hips as sensation overrode his brain. He was no longer able to remain still under the onslaught. Animal-like grunts fell from his mouth, and Gabriel knew he was being pushed close to his limits.

“S'il vous plaît, J'ai besoin,” //Please, I need//, he whimpered before remembering his English. “My prince, I am close, please. I can’t -”

“If I order so, you can.” He growled the words, and to punctuate them, pushed harder a few more times. Finally releasing one hip, Marton reached down and under, skimming Gabriel’s belly before grabbing the bouncing cock. “But I am not so mean as that.” For each withdrawal, the vampire prince twisted the hard flesh.

“Viens m'enculer!” //Fuck me!// The words were ripped from Gabriel’s lips at the feel of Marton’s hand on his aching cock. Arching his back, he felt his balls grow hot and tight a second before he went rigid, hanging on the edge. Tears fell from the corner of his eyes and his chest was tight with the pressure of the impending orgasm.

Tipping his hips up on each inward thrust, Marton changed angles yet again, growling low in his throat as his body tightened in reaction to his approaching climax. His grip tightened on the pulsating flesh and with each turn of wrist, he worked his way up the shaft, finally reaching the domed head. Palming the smooth curve, the vampire scraped at the slit with his thumb. “Come for me.”

Gabriel threw his head back and howled his pleasure as his cock erupted. Hot spurts shot from the tip, making a mess of his stomach and the bed as his orgasm ran through him with shuddering devastation that made his limbs weak.

Slamming his hand onto the bed next to the other vampire, Marton shoved forward with all his might, grinding his hips against Gabriel’s ass, coming with a ferocity that would have permanently damaged a lesser being. He could feel the other man trembling and released his spent cock to wrap his arm around his waist. Supporting both as the aftershocks slowly diminished, Marton buried his face in Gabriel’s neck. “May I?” Others might have asked (or just taken) during the sex act itself, but the prince rather enjoyed sharing the rippling pleasures that came after.

“Yes,” Gabriel whispered. At that moment he was totally Prince Marton’s creature.

They lengthened, bright and deadly, then pierced the delicate flesh, sliding in easily as if a hot knife through soft butter. The first rush of blood filled his mouth, exploding in richness and flavor. In it, he could taste the sweet essence of all that Gabriel was. You are delicious. He sent the thought along the connection, caressing the other’s mind.

Gabriel moaned as the pleasure from Marton’s blood kiss flooded him. The intimate contact with the gentle caress after the savage fucking sent another set of aftershocks through his orgasm-ravaged body. Thank you, Gabriel managed to whisper back via the connection, giving a few caresses of his own.

Chuckling softly, Marton responded, Believe me, my pleasure. Withdrawing his fangs, the vampire prince licked at the wounds, closing them. Easing their bodies to the soiled sheets, he caressed Gabriel’s soft cock once more before raising the hand to his lips and tasting that as well.

Gabriel’s sense of humor rose to the fore and he couldn’t resist asking, So, do you welcome all newcomers like that? Because if the word gets out, you’ll have a population boom.

Skimming his fingernails over Gabriel’s side, Marton added his own bit of laughter to it. No, that sort of welcome is reserved for special visitors.

Well, I must say this was truly a delightful welcome. Gabriel shivered at the feel of Marton’s nails running along his skin. If you keep that up, there may be a round two.

Nipping at the slightly reddened skin, he murmured against it, voice low and deep with timbre, “Who says there won’t be?”

“Not I,” Gabriel said, echoing the famous folk tale with a smirk.


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